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Letter from ESPN's Chris Fowler

April 23, 2007

ESPN announcer Chris Fowler has sent a letter of support to the Virginia Tech community. Fowler and his colleagues Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso host the weekly traveling college football show, Gameday. Their multiple visits to Blacksburg have been extremely well received by the Hokie Nation.

To the Virginia Tech community:

You have been in our thoughts constantly this past week. We can't imagine the sorrow and pain you feel.

But we do believe this: if any campus we've ever visited has the strength of spirit and unity to somehow move forward and rise above this tragedy... that campus is yours. We've been struck by how much maturity and level-headed restraint you students have shown in the face of an invasive media. Your dignity and humanity have been displayed to the world and, like us, millions have been deeply moved and heartened.

Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso and the whole ESPN football crew share with me a deep respect and affection for your university. From our visits over the years, we've learned how special Virginia Tech is. For Gameday's first trip there in 1999, an amazing 13,000 Maroon and Orange faithful wedged into a corner of Lane Stadium to roar that Saturday morning. For our second visit that year, an even larger crowd showed up. We knew folks hadn't come for us, but to show the nation how deep Hokie passion runs. A new Gameday standard was set for enthusiasm and support. Virginia Tech had raised the bar.

We have cherished each visit since, even the time Lee's empty rental car was struck by lightning outside Lane Stadium! All of us look forward to our next chance to share in Hokie pride. To us, Virginia Tech will always represent togetherness, strength, and resilience.

Please know that we will continue to keep you in our thoughts. Go Hokies!

Chris Fowler
And the whole Gameday team

Fowler has also written a story for about his experiences with the school.
Click here to read. . .

Comments (2)

As a Hokie parent in Alabama, I am constantly asked why my child chose to attend Tech. When I try to explain, they just don't understand and then they'll compare Tech to some other land grant school. This article stated it so well. I have printed it out and plan to email the URL to several friends.

Kathy | April 24, 2007 8:03 AM

Chris,Thanks for your words of praise for the Tech community.Everyone at VPI should be lauded for the way they handled the mass media pressures.They made me feel proud to be a Virginian and a HOKIE (even though I have lived in Delaware for several years).
May gameday @ VPI continue to inspire you and your staff for many more years.


HOWARD GUTHRIE | April 24, 2007 3:47 PM