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Photos: From One Tech to Another

by Andrew Mager
April 21, 2007

On Friday, the Hokie nation spread from the mountains of the Blue Ridge into the hearts and souls of nations abroad. Students everywhere dug through their closets to find something orange and maroon to wear in honor of the 32 who were lost on Monday.

About 150 students came out and showed their respect for the Virginia Tech community on the MIT Student Center steps, in Cambridge, Ma.

“It was not as powerful because it was in broad daylight, but it takes a lot to get MIT students to gather,” said Josh Campoverde, class of 2008 computer science major.

When the chaplain announced that students could write messages on the boards, everybody hesitated for a few seconds. “One person went up. Then a few more, then everyone was going up the steps,” said Campoverde.

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Comments (4)

R.I.P Virginia Tech Victims and their families

Lauren Dobson | April 21, 2007 12:41 PM

Having endured the loss of all of my family members it is still difficult for me to imagine the pain each and every one of you is going through. My friends told me time is a great healer but it is not. You will think about your loved ones each and every day of your lives. Our hearts have been ripped from us and I pray each of you has a close friend or family member to share your grief. Embrace them, they are your most valuable asset at this time. I wish I had had that luxury but I had to grieve alone. I have read all the eloquent messages and tributes and I think about how much this world has changed since my days in college. But I will keep a place for you in my heart and know that Heaven is welcoming their new angels.

Dennis Daggs | April 21, 2007 5:35 PM

God has not forget. He knows and He understands. I am praying for everyone at VA Tech. God is with u all, He will never leave. God bless.

Jennifer | April 23, 2007 1:15 AM

r.i.p virginia tech!
on that day..that horrible day we lost many but we havent and never will forget them!
today i found a book named aprile 16th: virginia tech remembers....i have started to read it and it is a great book! i think eeryone at tech should have one..i am 12 years old and i live right beside tech! whenm i found out what happend that day when i was a tschool...i burst into tears. i lost someone too! i have lost many family mebers and i just rencently lost my old best friend[[[kassidy foster]]]...i know how the family of tech felt when they somone and that is why i think they should buy this book!
and what ever you do DONT blame GOD for this! GOD has done nothing wronge..he has done good, he is trying and trying to keep us together rigth now! i still am praying and crying till this day!

kayla spencer | August 26, 2007 10:23 PM