An Interview with Lester Karlin
By Zach Rice
April 21, 2011

The Virginia Tech football program has been known for consistency whether it is winning in the Atlantic Coast Conference or a relatively low turnover among assistant coaches over the years. Clearly, though, the most steadfast member of the program is the equipment manager, who has been around since the days when Bill Dooley was coach.

Lester Karlin has been the equipment manager at Virginia Tech since 1978. In that time, he has seen the school rise from a virtue unknown to a team that contends each year for the ACC championship and a BCS Bowl bid.

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Ovarian Cancer Alters Tech Student's Life
By Audra Norris
December 19, 2010

Iona Parks can change her hairstyle at a speed most girls would kill for. If you were to see her around Virginia Tech’s campus during the day, chances are her hair would look drastically different at dinner that night. Some would admire her versatility, but the wigs she wears tell a much more sobering truth: at just 19 years old, she is a survivor of ovarian cancer.

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Feature: Unemployment of College Graduates.
By Tyler Daly
December 12, 2010

The economic struggles that the United States has been experiencing are now affecting areas of society that once seemed secure.

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Tempered Steel: How Frank Beamer Got That Way
By Roland Lazenby
December 15, 2010

The military helicopter peels sideways through the broad blue sky as the crowd roars, and soon enough Frank Beamer appears at the mouth of the tunnel here at Lane Stadium. He's about to lead his team onto the field, but as usual he pauses as he allows the fervor to gather, all the while surveying the world he has built from what was once the quaint mediocrity of Virginia Tech Football.

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An Interview with ESPN Radio Host, Sean Bielawski
By Tyler Daly
October 22, 2010

Sean Bielawski, 24, hosts The Sean Bielawski Show on ESPN Radio Blacksburg. The charismatic and well-spoken host from Roanoke, Va. has had an interesting journey to the job he has today.

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Homeward Bound
By Brittany Gropp
May 14, 2010

Sophie was paralyzed from the waist down when she was just 4 years old.

Sophie's family dropped her on her back, causing her to lose the ability to walk. Afterward, they took her to get help. The doctor told them Sophie would have a chance to walk again -- if, and only if, she underwent surgery within the next 24 hours.

Rather than pay Sophie's medical costs, her family decided to give her up for adoption.

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An Interview With Fiction Editor Lee Boudreaux
By Jared Rowan
May 12, 2010

Lee Boudreaux is a fiction editor in New York. In 15 years she has climbed the publishing ladder, from being an unpaid intern at Longstreet Press, to being an assistant editor, to being a senior director at Random House, one of the largest publishing houses in the world.

She currently works for the HarperCollins imprint Ecco Publishing as its editorial director. An imprint is a smaller division of a larger publishing firm. It is usually a smaller publishing house that is absorbed by a larger one.

Boudreaux has helped to publish novels by several noted authors such as Adriana Trigiani, Stephen King and David Wroblewski, author of the recent bestseller “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.”

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Basketball's Best Kept Secret
By Tomas Rios
May 6, 2010

Basketball is a sport dominated by some of the world’s biggest and best athletes. So what would you think if I told you a short white guy from Michigan was being paid to train these great physical specimens?

Micah Lancaster is a rising star in the basketball world. The 26-year-old skill development trainer has gained notoriety across the country for his ability to instruct some of the best basketball players in the world.

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